BB Cream is my essential product which I MUST wear before I start wearing color make-up.

I use only BB Cream, replacing all kinds of make-up base, and sun screening.

I usually wear Lioele BB Cream everyday.

My impression about Lioele BB Cream is,

Sooth Covering, Moisturizing, and Light Wearing.

Lioele BB Cream is consisted of enough quantity (50ml),

and I can cover it on the whole face at only one pumping.

As you can see above, it gives just right amount of BB cream with one pumping.

It is good in expressing natural skin tone.

Let me show you testing on my hand.
It is quite natural, isn’t it? ^_^

Next, let me show you trying it on my face

(FYI, I am suffering from super dark circle…T.T)
It’s nicely covering my dark-dark circle beneath my eyes.

Covering power of Lioele’s BB Cream is not super strong to cover ALL blemish, but

I’m satisfied by its natural coloring.

My rate to Lieole BB Cream is~~

4/5 Points!

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