I would like to do review

TonyMoly Whitening Capsule Essence

which is popular one everyone’s tongue.

This is introduced “GET IT BEAUTY”, so I wonder how it is good.

The reason why I was attracted by TonyMoly Whitening,

is I was curious about capsule-shape particles.
According to TonyMoly, these particles give whitening effect to skin evenly.

Plus, I heard this cosmetic is very skin-friendly by using fermented ingredients.

Ok then, let’s apply it to my skin~
I can see the crushed capsule particles after pumping it out.

Honestly, it looks creepy -_-

However, it looks okay after rubbing it.

I feel a lit tightening feeling after using this.

I recommend you to use TonyMoly Whitening Capsule Essence

with other moisturizing products.

Probably you cannot experience immediate whitening effect,

(like all other whitening cosmetics….)

but I personally feel my skin got a little brighter about a month later.
Also, I feel my skin got softer after a week later.

Anyway, I think it is fairly nice product comparing expensive other whitening essence.

I will buy it again!

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