Many people say *IT item of Innisfree is No-Sebum Line.

Today, I try Innisfree’s No-Sebum Primer.
Volume is 25ml, so it looks small, but considering it is primer,

you probably can use for 5~6 months…

(of course, depending on how occasionally wear make-up, but in my case… 5~6 months)
It is tube-type.

I prefer to use pumping-type, but thinking of small volume,

it might be better.

One thing I would like to point out,

is that Innisfree’s No-Sebum line is 6-free.

(Paraben, Talcs, Artificial Color, Animal Material, Artificial Scent, Mineral Dust)

Remember, the purpose of primer is to fill pore.

So, it SHOULD be skin-friendly.

You have to carefully choose primer regarding its ingredients.

(I’ve experienced terrible skin troubles because of using some cheap random primer…
but it’s long story, let’s move on)
Firstly, I applied to my hand

Well, don’t know how good is till I wear make-up…;;
Then, I plastered it on only right-side of my hand.

You probably cannot notice the difference T.T

But I am telling you, it feels REALLY SIKLY.

For noticeable demonstration,
I draw foundation & pencil eyeliner on my hand.
This is left-side, which I did NOT apply primer.

Can you see the wrinkles?
This is right-side, which I DID apply primer.

No difference in eyeliner, but you can notice that

there is much less wrinkles in foundation,

comparing to left-side of hand.

It is just fairly nice.

I like it.

Now I can see why many bloggers are chanting this ^_^


You can also use this primer as eye primer.

Just apply it very little of this to eyelid, then use eye liner.

It is good!

Don’t forget that you have to wash up the face after wearing this primer!


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