I would like to do review about

ETUDE HOUSE Nymph Aura Volumer Balm

Usually I don’t use solid-type of foundation,

but I heard this is soft from my friends.

So I bought it!

The color I choose is “No.1 Pink Beige”
because I want to maximize brightening effect!

Personally, I love this whirl-shaped foundation.

I guess many cosmetic companies started to release this whirl-shaped foundation

since SK2 foundation J
Okay, I put foundation with the air-puff.

Did you notice whirl mark?

That’s where volumer applied.
I applied to my hand.

I did apply it below,

I did not apply it above.

Can you see the difference?

Even No.1 Pink Beige color is not that bright.

I recommend using No.1 color unless your color of skin is too dark.
Color seems to aim to express natural tone of skin,

so color itself is not outstanding bright.

However, it certainly brings vivid tone to skin.

I specially recommend this to :

someone who wants to wear nude make-up

someone who has dry skin

I like its covering & natural covering.